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Ready to venture into property leasing? Choose the experienced and reputable team at TruHome Property Solutions. With us as your partner, we offer sound advice guaranteed to help your investment grow.

With over 30 years of combined experience managing properties, TruHome Property Solutions is at the forefront of the property management industry. We manage all sorts of properties such as single-family units, multi-family units, and condominiums.

For each type of property, our team understands that its needs are unique. That’s why we will tailor-make our services to fit your exact property needs, offering the services you need and deserve.

Our company is known throughout Pembina County for its professional and comprehensive service. Once a property is handed over to us, landlords can rest us easy knowing their properties are in the safest hands in the region.

Our Property Management Services

As a full-service property management company, TruHome Property Solutions offers several management services. Below is a sample of the services that we offer:

Advertising and Marketing of Your Property

No property owner wants to see their property vacant. Every day that a unit stays without a tenant is a day of lost income. For a minimal vacancy period, contact the specialists at TruHome Property Solutions!

Due to the heterogeneous nature of properties, different properties appeal to different tenants. Therefore, a customized marketing solution needs to be prepared to fill your property’s vacancies.

To start off, our team of videographers and photographers will take high-resolution photos and videos.

pembina rental marketing

The videos will be used to market your property on our social media platforms, on rental listing services, and also on print media. Each ad will highlight the features and amenities that would appeal to a Pembina tenant.

Tenant Screening and Placement

To be able to earn that higher ROI, a landlord must be assured of a constant flow of income and reduced maintenance costs. While this can be achieved through a reliable rent collection service, tenant screening has proved to be another critical service.

Our experienced management team knows what to look for in a potential tenant. We take the time to be as thorough as possible.

Prospective tenants will be expected to reveal information on their employment, credit history, and rental history. In addition, criminal background checks and sex offender checks in the public domain will be conducted.

As you can surmise, such information can be quite sensitive. To protect our clients, the tenant screening process will be in adherence to Fair Housing Laws, avoiding any violation.

Rent Collection

TruHome Property Solutions knows of the importance of rent payments and other dues. It’s what can make or break one’s investment in Pembina real estate.

Every provision touching on payments will be detailed clear enough in the lease agreement and explained to the tenant before moving in.

Rent collection should offer a certain convenience to the tenants. As such, we make use of online payment solutions, increasing convenience and reducing any risks that come with handling money. One particular payment solution that has served as well over the years is AppFolio.

pembina rent collection

In the case of late payments, penalties are expected to be paid. It can be a charged issue if handled without proper consideration. Our property experts, though strict on the issue, will handle the matter in a professional way.

Property Inspections and Maintenance

Regular and exhaustive inspection of your property is required to ensure it’s always in a good condition. Regular inspections allow us to detect issues and defects and nip them in the bud. All minor issues on your property will be handled by our internal team of handymen.

Inspecting and moving heavy air conditioners, boilers, and other utility systems come with their own measure of risk. We wouldn’t want to inconvenience any of our clients with this. That’s why each member of our maintenance crew is fully insured and licensed.

More complex issues, such as foundation defects and flood repair, might require extensive work. In these cases, we have collaborated with repair companies known for professional, sound, and cost-effective work.

Financial Reporting

Even with the premier property company managing their rental property, landlords in Pembina are always curious about the performance of their investment.

TruHome Property Solutions offers financial reporting solutions on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Landlords can also check on the financial health of their property from the comfort of their homes.

Through the AppFolio accounting software, landlords log in and view reports, expenses, and cash flow for their properties.

About Pembina, North Dakota

A walk around Pembina or a visit to the State Museum reveals the military history that led to the establishment of the city. The 1800s saw the first military posts established in the area.

At that time, colonists were afraid of possible attacks by the Sioux. As a result, several of them had moved as far as Canada. However, many remained to take advantage of the rich soils in North Dakota.

For the longest time, Pembina was mainly an agricultural area. This was due to the proximity of the Pembina and Red Rivers. The development and growth of the city have led to significant changes.

As an entry point to Canada, the city has seen the establishment of retail and commercial developments as well as manufacturing plants. This has diversified the economy of the city.

Pembina still maintains a small-town allure, albeit with more opportunities than a typical area of its size. It also offers several recreational activities that thousands of domestic and international tourists visit every year.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Pembina, we are proud to serve the areas of Grand Forks, Mayville, Fargo/Moorhead, and East Grand Forks.