With over 30 years of combined experience in the property management business, TruHome Property Solutions is known for its professionalism and comprehensive property management services. Serving all corners of Grand Forks/East Grand Forks and nearby communities, TruHome Property Solutions leases and manages quality apartments, rental homes, and commercial properties on behalf of property owners.

As a results-driven organization, we believe that customer service is the pillar of everything we do. The TruHome team is comprised of knowledgeable management and maintenance professionals whose primary goal is to provide tenants with an excellent customer experience and property owners with cost-effective solutions to all of their property management needs.

Some of our primary services include:
• Tenant services including listing available properties, screening and interviewing potential tenants, lease management, rent collection, and ongoing tenant management
• Property management services such as ongoing and emergency maintenance, managing accounting and regulatory paperwork, coordinating all units and leasing, and facilitating Certificate of Occupancy inspections


When you choose TruHome Property Solutions, you are choosing the team designed to help your property reach its’ full potential.

Some of the primary benefits of working with TruHome Property Solutions include:

Superior customer service with ready access to professional office and maintenance staff. Our team compromises of in-house maintenance staff and an emergency maintenance response team compromised of local vendors and trades professionals. At TruHome, we have extensive experience mitigating all tasks associated with ongoing property management.

We work for you and your property. Our clients have access to comprehensive services such as professional marketing, lease management, and ongoing property assessments to ensure your property is performing to its’ full potential.

We go above and beyond industry standards to provide our tenants with the most comprehensive property management experience, including online rental payments and maintenance request tracking.

We work with our clients to provide some of the most competitive rates on the market. Our fees start at 10% of your property’s gross monthly income with no hidden leasing or mileage fees.

We provide scalable services to ensure you are involved as much (or as little) as you want to be in your property’s everyday operations. Our services are customized to every client’s individual needs, so whether you want to pass over all day-to-day operations, or only want us to help with the paperwork, we are ready to take on any challenge.

As a TruHome Property Solutions client, you can rest assured knowing that your needs are our top priority. Our helpful and experienced office staff are ready at all hours to support our clients.

Mission Statement:

At TruHome Property Solutions, our mission is to foster balanced relationships between rental property owners and renters in the Red River Valley. We strive to create a frictionless, efficient real estate management world characterized by seamless communication, high standards, and top-tier customer service. With our problem-solving approach, we aim to elevate the standards of the rental market by providing honest, transparent, and solution-oriented services.

Core Values:

  1. Honest and Transparent: We believe in doing things right the first time and providing clear, straightforward communication at all times.
  2. Problem-Solvers: We understand that we are in the business of problem-solving. We approach every challenge with determination, creativity, and commitment to find the best solution.
  3. We Expect a Lot: We set high standards for our services and constantly strive to exceed them. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and maintaining high-quality properties. We also realize that people are people, and so are we. See #4.
  4. We Adapt: In the dynamic world of real estate management, the ability to pivot swiftly and adapt to new circumstances is crucial. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and resilience.
  5. Engaged: Rooted in the Grand Forks community, we are dedicated to improving the local rental market and contributing positively to our community.

Meet the Team

Derek Nolte, OwnerHeadshot

Derek Nolte, Owner

JACKIE HOUSER, Property ManagerHeadshot

JACKIE HOUSER, Property Manager

Mandy Lunski, Property ManagerHeadshot

Mandy Lunski, Property Manager

KYLE BERGSTROM, Maintenance DirectorHeadshot

KYLE BERGSTROM, Maintenance Director

Jenny Olson, Accountant/HRHeadshot

Jenny Olson, Accountant/HR

Joe Contreras, Maintenance CoordinatorHeadshot

Joe Contreras, Maintenance Coordinator

Jason Anderson, Director of OperationsHeadshot

Jason Anderson, Director of Operations