Check the following before submitting a request.

In the case of a fire or other major emergency, please call 911 immediately.

  • If your air conditioning is not working: The air filter must have been changed within the last 30 days. The thermostat should not be set below 72 degrees or the unit may freeze up.
  • If your garbage disposal is not working: Check underneath the sink for a "reset" button. Use the disposal wrench provided underneath the sink to twist and unlock the blades. Make sure the disposal is OFF while doing this.
  • If your water heater is not working: Check the pilot light and re-light if needed.
  • If you have a water leak or minor flooding: Turn off the water source from the water shut-off valve. Call the TruHome Property Solutions emergency line to request a plumber.

How to Submit a MELD

  1. How it works
    You will receive an invitation email from TruHome Property Solutions Via Property MELD when you become a tenant.
  2. Confirm your info
    From the email you receive, you will confirm your information, set up a password, and click the sign up button. Then you'll confirm your number.
  3. Submit a new MELD
    A "MELD" is a request for maintenance. Simply click the "+ New MELD" button in your account to get started. Click the button below to go login to your account.

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Watch this video to get more info on how to submit a MELD.

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