Professional Community Management Services in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Are you looking for a property management company that can manage your Grand Forks HOA reliably and professionally? If so, TruHome Property Solutions can help. With over 30 years of combined property management experience in the Grand Forks area, we can help ensure your HOA reaches its full potential.

We service the areas of Grand Forks, Arvilla, Mayville, Hillsboro, and Pembina in North Dakota, and East Grand Forks in Minnesota.

As you probably know, HOA management can be a difficult and time-consuming process. At TruHome Property Solutions, our goal is to take away the complexity to help your community association thrive in all aspects. That is, on accountability, transparency, communication and support.

So, ready to take your community management to a whole new level? If so, get in touch with us today for help. You can reach us by dialing (701) 620-1597. Alternatively, you can send us a message at Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as help customize a management package for you!

As a proven and trusted property management company, we maintain active memberships with multiple real estate organizations. These include the Better Business Bureau, the National Apartment Association (NAA), and the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).

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Our Community Management Services

First off, our HOA management services are comprehensive. They start with janitorial-related services and extend all the way to our high-quality, on-site services. We have designed all these services to help address the real problems that communities face on a day-to-day basis.

The following are some of our management services.

1. Maintenance and Upkeep

TruHome Property Solutions can help take care of all your community’s maintenance needs. Our HOA maintenance team is qualified, efficient and utilizes its own systems and equipment.

We can help you create a customized maintenance schedule for all your needs. Our services include elements such as:

  • Conducting routine community inspections
  • Enforcing CC&R violations within your community
  • Vetting contractors and vendors to ensure the best value for the money
  • Reviewing vendor invoices, preparing and sending vendor payments and soliciting bids from vendors
  • Supervising contractors and vendors to ensure the services offered are within your community’s strict guidelines
  • Handling insurance claims and processing architectural change requests

2. Community Rules & Regulations

Every community is unique in one way or another and TruHome Property Solutions understands that. If you hire us, we’ll first go through your community’s governing documents to understand the rules and regulations before applying them.

We can also help you craft documents in case you don’t have them yet. We’ll put our 30 years of experience to help your community achieve its goals.

Common HOA rules include:

  • Controls on architectural designs
  • Restrictions on holiday and lawn decorations
  • Policies on noise complaints
  • Limits on occupancy
  • Rules and guidelines on parking
  • Pet policies
  • Restrictions on short-term rentals
  • Rules on recycling and trash handling

What’s more, our team is knowledgeable on all applicable North Dakota laws. As such, you can rest assured that your HOA rules will be legally binding in all aspects.

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3. Accounting Services

As your trusted community management company, we’ll make sure that your association books are clean and accurate. We’ll help:

  • Provide monthly income & expense reports
  • Complete monthly bank reconciliation (for accounts inside management company only)
  • Track sales of homes with the title companies
  • File liens (for additional fee)
  • Track HOA insurance policies for general association insurance
  • File the ND Annual Report
  • Have yearly taxes prepared by a CPA
  • Assist with yearly budgets

4. Administrative Services

TruHome Property Solutions will act as your community’s primary contact. We’ll assist your community in navigating through any situation it may encounter through proper communication means. We’ll help:

  • Collection of annual assessments
  • Follow up on late & delinquent owners
  • Mailing of newsletters
  • Help schedule and coordinate logistics for annual meeting
  • Arrange meetings & attend upon request from the board
  • Address field questions, concerns and complaints from the residents
  • Work with local city agencies
  • Uniformly enforce the rules and regulations of the community
  • Respond to homeowner inquiries in a timely manner

5. Customer Service

TruHome Property Solutions will also fulfill the customer needs of your Grand Forks homeowners association. We have the experience and understand the concerns that homeowners commonly encounter.

Our goal here is to help keep homeowners happy and help the Board of Directors achieve peace of mind.

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Our HOA Management Fees

We highly value transparency in our work. As such, we are honest about our fees and do not surprise our clients with additional costs. The following fees are what to expect with our HOA management services:

  • 10% of gross monthly receipts
  • 5% project management fee on any project over $5,000
  • Reimbursement for mailings
  • $55/hour for any cleaning
  • $55/hour for any painting
  • $65/hour for any maintenance
  • Tax lien and other collection work outside of routine communication is billed out at $75/hour
  • $75/hour for attendance and involvement in board or general membership meetings

About TruHome Property Solutions

TruHome Property Solutions is a leading property management company in Grand Forks and the surrounding areas. We are known for being professional, dependable and trustworthy.

In our 30 years of combined property management experience, we’ve been able to come up with proven management services. Our goal is to help property owners maximize their income and achieve peace of mind.

As a results-oriented property management company, we believe customer service is the pillar of our success. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable management and maintenance professionals. We understand what it takes to succeed in the property management world.

But what exactly makes TruHome Property Solutions stand out from the rest? Here's a few examples:

  • We have the experience. As mentioned, we’ve been helping property owners for the last 30 years
  • Our pricing is fair and transparent. There are no hidden charges once you sign up with us
  • We understand the Grand Forks area like the back of our hands
  • We understand the local, state and federal laws

So, ready to work with professionals that understand your needs? Get in touch with us by calling (701) 620-1597!