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Want to work with a reputable and experienced property management company in Mayville, North Dakota? If so, look no further than TruHome Property Solutions.

For a combined total of more than 3 decades, our team has helped property owners achieve peace of mind.

Customer service is the pillar on which our business is founded. Our staff is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable on all matters of property management.

Now, combine that with cost-effective solutions, and you can rest assured of having your needs met.

TruHome Property Solutions is a full-service property management company. As such, we offer a wide variety of services to our clients such as finding tenants, screening tenants, collecting rent and caring for your Mayville property.

Aside from local investors, we also cater to out-of-town investors looking for reliable and professional property management services.

Still need further convincing? Get in touch with us by dialing 701.620.1597. Alternatively, you can also send us a message at leasing@truhomeproperties.com. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Property Management Services

Even before we explain our core services, why exactly should you hire us? The following are just a few of the reasons:

  • Our rates are some of the most competitive in the market. They begin at 10 percent of the monthly gross income your property generates

  • We are an experienced property management company. Our team has been in this business space for more than 30 combined years. We can use this experience to help sort out any challenges you may be undergoing

  • Our customer service is unparalleled and we work to exceed expectations. Our approach is informed by extensive industry understanding

mayville property management

With that in mind, here are some of the services you can expect by working with TruHome Property Solutions.

1. Property Marketing

Property marketing requires a unique set of skills and local market knowledge. Since each day a rental unit stays vacant is money down the drain, we’ll work hard to ensure a quick turnaround time.

We begin the marketing process by drafting the rental ad. Besides including a catchy headline, we also make sure to include high-quality photos and video walkthroughs of the property.

Next, we start the syndication process. Our goal here is to reach as many prospective tenants as possible.

For this reason, we make use of both online and offline strategies. From yard signs to newspaper magazines to social media to top rental listing sites, we aim for maximum reach.

2. Tenant Screening

TruHome Property Solutions only believes in renting to quality tenants. We’ll help you save time and resources by managing the entire tenant selection process on your behalf.

Our tenant screening process is not only thorough, but it abides by all of North Dakota Fair Housing Rules.

In other words, while we are looking for the best tenant possible, we make sure the process doesn’t discriminate against a tenant based on their protected characteristics.

We aim to land tenants who are responsible, respectful, caring and, most importantly, can pay rent on time.

Our vetting process examines a tenant on multiple fronts. This includes their income level, credit rating, rental background, as well as employment and criminal status.

Thanks to this process, we’re usually able to land a great tenant 99% of the time!

mayville tenant screening

3. Rent Collection

It’s the dream of every Mayville landlord to get paid on time, every time. Sadly, for most landlords, this dream hardly becomes a reality.

TruHome Property Solutions is able to guarantee consistent rental incomes thanks to a number of strategies. We’ll integrate industry best practices into your rent collection process to help address rent collection issues before they even begin.

One such best industry practice is requiring tenants to pay rent online through AppFolio. It is both safe and convenient for our tenants.

AppFolio also enables tenants to set up automatic payments, which can go a long way in helping minimize missed or late payment issues.

4. Inspections & Maintenance

Caring for your investment property is key to long-term success. After all, property management is part of the customer service industry. How well you treat your customers can determine how successful you are.

At TruHome Property Solutions, we go above and beyond to make sure both you and your tenants are satisfied with our services.

We carry out property inspections on a regular basis. Doing this helps us check whether the tenant is abiding by the terms of the lease agreement.

For example, we look out for keeping unauthorized pets, subletting the unit illegally or making unauthorized alterations to the property.

When it comes to maintenance, we have formed extensive working relationships with local vendors and handymen. They are bonded, insured, licensed and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. Financial Reporting

TruHome Property Solutions has extensive financial reporting capabilities. Our clients can regularly check up on how their Mayville property is performing.

Once you hire us, we’ll grant you access to our online accounting software. It’s from there that you’ll be able to view reports, operational expenses and revenue easily and conveniently.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with us today by dialing 701.620.1597. Alternatively, you can also send us a message at leasing@truhomeproperties.com.

About Mayville, North Dakota

Mayville is a neighborhood in Traill County. The recent census estimates the community to number about 2,000 people.

Now, the best thing about this small town is that everything you could possibly need is nearby. Throw the Mayville State University into the mix, and you’ve got an enhanced offering of sports and art.

Top attractions in the area include Goose River Heritage Center Museum, Rainbow Garden, Fargo Air Museum, and North Dakota Museum of Art.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Aside from Mayville, we are proud to serve the areas of Grand Forks, Pembina, Fargo/Moorhead, and even East Grand Forks (MN).