Many of our homes are pet friendly and will accept a maximum of 2 pets. If you apply for or reside in one of our homes and wish to have a pet, you will need to complete an online pet profile and pay a non-refundable pet application fee of $20 for the 1st pet and $15 for the 2nd pet. To start this profile please visit

ALL applicants are required to create a profile, no matter if you have a pet, an ESA, or no animals.

If your pet is approved, you will need to pay a refundable deposit, per pet, of $250-$650 (to be determined after application), plus a non-refundable monthly lease administration fee of $40-$80 per pet (to be determined after application process).

TruHome does accept assistant animals per state and federal guidelines. If you have an assistance animal, you will need to complete an online animal profile. There is no application fee for this process. Please contact our office with any questions.

Why We Use Petscreening

Pet Policies Matter to All Residents


We believe in healthy and responsible pet interactions for all residents and want to create a community that welcomes everyone to a pet-responsible environment.
To provide our residents with the most pet-friendly and pet responsible experience, all pets and animals on our property must be documented. Residents and their animals can put other residents— and animals—at risk which creates liability for a pet owner. When residents fill out a digital PetScreening profile they acknowledge their understanding of our pet policies, how to adhere to them and potential penalties.

Emergency Preparedness for Your Pets

PetScreening gives you fast and easy access to your pet’s vet records, microchip information and photographs at any time. If your pet or animal should get sick, lost or have an emergency while travelling, you have immediate access to your animal’s records on any digital device. At work, at home, or away your pet records are always available to you.

Ensure Compliance for Service and Support Animals

PetScreening reviews all assistance animal accommodation requests for residents with disabilities and disability-related needs in accordance with the HUD/FHAct guidelines. The verification process helps ensure each reasonable accommodation request meets the federal HUD guidelines, further supporting a pet-and animal-responsible experience for all residents.

Unauthorized Pets

Residents with or without pets and animals acknowledge our pet policies at the time of application. Residents sometimes acquire a pet or animal after move-in and PetScreening ensures they fully understand the community guidelines, should they desire to obtain a pet or animal at a later date. Sometimes friends or family will ask you to take care of their pet for a day or even for an extended period of time. We consider these unauthorized pets because they are not on the lease.

Unauthorized pets and assistance animals include:

  • Short-term pet sitting
  • Long-term pet sitting
  • Pet Fostering
  • Pet/ animal Visitation

By acknowledging our pet policies in PetScreening, you will know what is allowed within your lease terms at our community and how to properly report a visiting pet.

How to Make a PetScreening Profile

Individuals without pets must complete the online affidavit, while Pet/Animal Owners should gather​ current vaccination records​, veterinarian information and snapshots of their pet/animal.

Visit PetScreening

  1. Review pet & animal policies and select your profile type
  2. Create your account & complete your profile
  3. Submit to share your profile with your housing provider

What's your profile type

Household Pet

The Household Pet profile includes pet photos, breed info, vaccination details, and behavioral history. Pet profiles are shareable with boarding facilities, groomers, pet caretakers, walkers, etc.

Cost: $20 for first profile, $15 for each additional profile per year. A renewal discount is offered if profile is renewed before expiration.

Assistance Animal

The Assistance Animal profile is created when an individual makes a reasonable accommodation request for an assistance animal (service animal, emotional support animal, companion animal, etc.).

All reasonable accommodation requests are reviewed in accordance with HUD Fair Housing guidelines.

Cost: $0

No Pet or Animal

The No Pet/Animal profile allows those without pets or animals to acknowledge their housing provider's pet policies and restrictions on pet sitting, visiting pets, and getting a pet mid-lease.

The No Pet/Animal profile includes a brief questionnaire that can be completed in 5- minutes or less.

Cost: $0