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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Arvilla, ND?

If so, then consider hiring TruHome Property Solutions!

With over 30 combined years of property management industry experience, TruHome Property Solutions offer our clients a level of expertise that’s hard to replicate elsewhere. We offer favorable advantages to our clientele in every aspect of property management.

We’re ready to take care of your Arvilla properties, whether they’re single-family homes, multi-family units or commercial properties.

We’re responsible for taking care of properties in Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, Arvilla, Mayville, Hillsboro and Pembina neighborhoods. With our dedication, we look after properties as if they were our own! We have reasonable rates for a full range of customizable property management services.

If you’re suffering from a prolonged vacancy in your Arvilla rental unit, trust that we’ll be able to attract a wide pool of tenants to gain potential renters. If you’re always dealing with turnovers, we can handle the tenant screening to help you land high quality tenants.

And if rent collection is a hassle, then we’ll make things efficient in your Arvilla rental operation.

We have a singular mindset in terms of delivering premium customer service to our clients. We work to retain your tenants for the long term and to elevate the value of your Arvilla rental home.

arvilla nd property management

If you’re looking for a professional property management company that puts clients’ interests first, contact TruHome Property Solutions today.

Our flexible options give you the freedom to assemble a property management plan that supports the needs of your Arvilla rental home. Don’t hesitate to call (701) 620 1597 now!

Our Property Management Services

TruHome Property Solutions is customer-centric. We designed our property management services to provide absolute convenience: we advertise your Arvilla rental home, place well-suited tenants, maintain your property with our in-house team, and provide software that makes it easy to keep track of your rental unit’s performance.

In more detail, here are the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose to work with TruHome Property Solutions:

1. Marketing Your Rental Property

TruHome Property Solutions focuses on making your Arvilla rental home gain maximum visibility amidst the growing number of property listings. We conduct effective marketing activities such as offering professional photos and videos, including 360-degree tours of your property.

All of these elements will be strategically used across 25+ online platforms with a goal to increase the viewership.

2. Tenant Screening Process

TruHome Property Solutions is keen on placing high-quality renters for your Arvilla rental home. We’ll run an extensive screening process, bringing you a reliable means to filter the bad tenants.

Tenant screening is inclusive of conducting interviews that let us gauge the applicant’s suitability. We also check criminal background, call up references and study the rental history of an applicant. We look at financial documents to avoid situations of rent payment delinquencies.

arvilla nd tenant screening

Our clear-cut standards enable us to efficiently process the applications and place the best tenants in your Arvilla rental property.

3. Rent Collection

TruHome Property Solutions is intentional in our rent collection system. We aim to have you enjoy consistent returns for your Arvilla rental investment. We achieve this by using AppFolio.

Your renters are able to pay online any time, any day. For other tenants who prefer other payment channels, we’re also open to receiving credit card payments via the phone and through eCheck.

An efficient rent collection method generates reliable income for our clients, so we make sure to apply our effective rent collection methods to make the payment process smooth. The more convenient channels we use, the less friction renters experience, and the easier it is to collect the monthly rent.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

TruHome Property Solutions takes care of the nitty-gritty details when it comes to property maintenance. We have formed a reliable team over the years that delivers excellent services.

By offering in-house services such as repairs, cleaning, painting and attending to emergencies, you receive dependable and first-rate responses. It’s also easier for us to get your Arvilla rental home ready for the next set of renters, as we can easily handle the move out preparation.

arvilla nd property maintenance

In cases where special work is required for structural problems, plumbing, or other complicated issues, we have built networks with certified contractors, reducing your worries when emergencies occur.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

TruHome Property Solutions provides ready access to owners via AppFolio. Here, you can review the details of your rental business. It’s easy to monitor the cash in and cash out, the revenues, and the financial performance of your Arvilla property. You can evaluate the numbers and make decisions based on concrete data.

Our clients also get to enjoy financial reports at the end of the year and tax report arrangements to make it easy to comply with tax laws.

About Arvilla, North Dakota

Arvilla is part of Grand Forks County, situated west of Grand Forks City. Previously, it went by the name Orange but was later changed to Arvilla, after a local farmer’s spouse.

Families will find living in Arvilla appealing with its well-rated schools, parks, and nearby attractions. While Arvilla may be a smaller community, it has a quiet ambiance for those looking to live outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

The nearby amenities of Grand Forks are favorable to the residents living in Arvilla. Moreover, the cost of living is significantly lower in this family-friendly community.

Here are interesting places to see nearby Arvilla, North Dakota:

  • North Dakota Museum of Art
  • Flood Memorial Monument
  • Splashers of the South Seas
  • Memorial Park
  • Plain & Fancy Antique Mall
  • Ryan Park
  • Empire Arts Center
  • Grand Forks County Historical Society Myra Museum
  • River Cities Speedway
  • Japanese Gardens

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve the areas of Grand Forks, Arvilla, Mayville, Hillsboro, Pembina, and East Grand Forks.