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No matter how fantastic your Grand Forks rental home is, if there’s little exposure to your target market, it will remain vacant. So, advertising is a must if you are looking to quickly find quality renters.

We at TruHome Property Solutions believe marketing is an incredibly important skill that all landlords need to be familiar with. So, we have put together these tips that you can apply in your Grand Forks rental unit.

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Create Beautiful Photographs

Property listings that include photos tend to be more popular and gain more views than ones that don’t. Stage the photographs to give them a professional feel, make sure to use the best lighting and don’t forget to use a quality camera.

Stage Your Photos

Preparation is key, so staging is a critical part of creating excellent photos. Make sure that everything is in order. Potential renters will appreciate the clear view of your property so keep personal objects out of sight.

Ensure that your rental is spotless when you take your photographs. This also includes your curb appeal. In fact, it’s best to hire a cleaner and a gardener to keep your unit looking fresh and charming to viewers.

Ideally, your photos should be a glimpse at the lifestyle that a renter should expect while living in your rental.

Use Lighting and Angles

As much as possible, pictures should be taken in the daylight. Natural lighting is always the best technique, providing glowing images especially during the golden hours.

Lightning is important, but equally as important is the angle of your shots. Position yourself in a corner so you can take a shot of the entire room, make the angles natural to capture realistic images.

It’s vital to prepare a shot list to make sure you get all the images you desire. It also makes shooting quicker since you can check each one off your list.

An example photography shot list includes:

• All the bedrooms and bathrooms.
• Kitchen and all the appliances.
• Interior and exterior dining areas.
• Living room space.
• Outdoors, especially the yard and parking area.

Other photos that would offer a detailed environment is an image of your neighborhood area. This gives potential renters a sense of where your Grand Forks rental home is located.

Invest in a Good Camera

Better cameras produce better images and videos and, as you want to capture the details clearly, you will want to select a high-quality camera.

If you can, use a professional photographer. But, if that is not possible, use an SLR camera. Often these deliver better images with clearer focus.

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Write Outstanding Copy

Once you capture the attention of potential renters from your quality pictures. It’s time to reel them in with clear and engaging copy. You can begin with an eye-catching headline and informative description.

Pen a Strong Headline

As the introduction to your property, headlines are crucial. Headlines are what people see first. Headlines will form the basis of a prospects opinion of the property and reel them into reading your copy description. So, pull in viewers by following the below formula:

Rent Price Rate X No. of Bedrooms and Bathrooms x Property Type x Location x Best feature

Though it might look lengthy, it contains every piece of information that any prospect would want to know. For example, if they’re searching for a condo unit then stating a duplex property type on the headline can save them from reading further. Additionally, a lot of renters make their decisions based on price. So, having the price clearly featuring in your title helps to filter non-qualified prospects.

Write an Informative Summary

Next comes the composition of your summary. This is where you use your creativity to develop a good story for your Grand Forks rental home. Use the right words to let prospects imagine how it will feel to live in your unit. So, remember to mention local amenities and highlight the best features of your property.

From the outset, clarify your policies on pets and other restrictions you would want a prospect to adhere to. For example, mention who will shoulder the utilities and clearly state the distance of your place from the nearest public transport.

Last, consider the distribution channel of your advertising. Use popular and syndicated sites to ensure your advert gets proper traffic.

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Bottom Line

Advertising is a critical skill that all landlords should work on. Make sure any advert for your property not only has clear and professional photographs that also that draw in your prospects. But it also has an eye-catching headline and informative descriptions that help filter out unqualified applicants. The next step after landing a great tenant is writing a stellar lease agreement !

At TruHome Property Solutions we understand how important advertising is for the success of a rental property. So, if you have any questions or would like assistance from a professional property management company in running your adverts please don’t hesitate to get in touch!