Video tours have risen in popularity for their convenience and safety since the start of the pandemic. Not only this, but it gives your property a wider reach for prospective tenants who may not live close by. Consider creating one to find more potential tenants for your rental property!

Virtual tours can also hasten decision-making and allow people to view the rental at any given time. Face-to-face property tours can be limited in nature when compared to video tours, which are available any time a prospective renter is online.

Video tours are not that hard to create. Even a smartphone can create a compelling digital film! You can easily do this in your spare time. When you finish editing your video tour, you can simply share it on multiple platforms to boost more interest in your rental property.

Your property listing and images are best paired with a captivating video tour. This can increase viewership, attracting more potential renters. Before you know it, you'll have new tenants singing the lease agreement! Here are some ways to craft a winning video tour of your rental home:

Look for the Best Route

Planning helps you avoid mistakes that can waste your time. Start by mapping out your route. This makes filming smooth. You also avoid repeating the shooting process.

Keep these tips in the back of your mind before filming:

  • Open the doorways for easy access. You avoid fumbling on the doorknobs or wrestling with a stuck sliding door this way
  • Begin shooting the exterior of your rental home. Curb appeal is vital and viewers are interested to see how the property looks from the outside

filming rental tours

  • Avoid rushing when entering a property. Pause now and then to share with the viewers the feeling of stepping inside the home and its different rooms
  • Showcase the best features of the rental from the start. This keeps the interest of the audience. Delaying promoting the amenities only encourages them to skip the video or stop watching it

Embrace Natural Light

Photographers often shoot during the daytime to take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible. It’s important to do the same when filming a video tour of your rental home.

Natural light is bright and lends an airy quality to the environment. Open up your windows and move the curtains away to let the light in. Early light in the morning or golden hour in the afternoon/evening holds greater appeal.

Use the Landscape Format

Always film in a landscape format. It gives a more realistic portrayal of the size and layout of your rental home. A portrait format can make things appear distorted with its narrow framing.

The landscape format showcases more visual details on the screen. It also best captures the open spaces, making it easier for the video’s audience to envision the space.

Keep the Video Short

As much as you’re tempted to include plenty of details in your video tour, keep to a shorter length. A great video tour should hit 3 minutes or less. If you create a long virtual tour, you risk losing your viewer engagement.

be mindful of video length

Rewatches are also easier for short videos. Interested viewers can simply rewind and focus on the attractive features.

Be Attuned to the Requests of Your Viewers

As a property owner marketing a vacant rental, patience is necessary. Some viewers may ask for additional information. It’s a good idea to accommodate such requests. It also cultivates a great relationship from the start if you end up being their landlord.

Requests may be for live viewings, or they may require you to say more details about a rental’s amenities. Take time to respond politely to the questions and avoid turning away inquiries. The more questions, the better it is. It just means that the interest is high, so do your best to make timely responses and cater to the viewers’ requests.

Use the Slow Scan Technique to Capture Details

Some video tours can be created in a rush. It can be hard to check the details of outstanding features. Consider scanning slowly to capture the attractive elements of the rental home.

One tip is to position yourself at the corner and slowly scan the area. This gives the best angle to film the property’s layout. Potential renters gain an idea of the property’s size.

Stage Your Rental Space

Before proceeding to film your rental home, take time to stage the property. This entails proper cleaning and getting rid of the clutter. You want the viewers to concentrate on the areas and features of the home that you wish them to focus on. Dirt or clutter can be distracting and reduce the viewer’s interest.

rental property staging

Entertain the idea of hiring professional cleaners. You can also ask for advice from decorators to make the room more attractive.

Add Suitable Background Music

Music enhances the mood. It can also make or break your rental video tour. Use music that’s appropriate. If you pick popular and loud music, it can distract people from the video.

Ensure that you pick royalty-free songs. You want to avoid any legal problems with copyright infringement. It’s best to carefully review your background music for the video tour.

Create a Story

Stories are powerful and ignite a person’s curiosity and interest. Strive to tell a relevant story for your video tour. You can say the property’s history, for example.

Make people want to live in your property with the story you tell. Demonstrate a lifestyle that brings up positive emotions. The ideas are endless.

Bottom Line

Video tours are great for rental property marketing, though they’re not a substitute for releasing excellent property photos. Together, both can create a stronger appeal and can become effective marketing tools to encourage viewers to become renters in your property.

If you need any help marketing your rental property, consider TruHome Property Solutions for our top-of-the-line property management services! Contact us today to learn more.